Tell a Friend


We present a new Tell a Friend program. Invite friends to the pool and receive bonuses.

Basic terms
Affiliate — a player which invites new members to the pool
Referral — invited player


Anyone can take part in the programme. Affiliates can invite any number of players.
For a referral first month in the pool is free. After trial month, first player’s fee for the pool goes to his affiliate.
Affiliate can receive cash to his wallet or use it to pay for HS services.

We support payments to Pokerstars, skrill $, neteller euro. If a player choose to receive cash he will receive it before 15 day of the month which follows the month when a player made his first payment.

The program has no end date, but HS has the right to terminate the program or change the conditions at any time with saving payments for already invited players.

How to become an affiliate

Special registration is not required. It’s enough for the invited player to say your HS account (login on the site / in the hypertracker). You must confirm that the player comes according to your recommendation.

You can also register your unique promo code with us and inform your referrals. In this case, confirmation on your part is not required.

To register a promo code, write it to
For all questions, write to the same mail.

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