Changes in multipliers structure on and Winamax

On June 10th the multipliers structure of spin&go tournaments on 5€ and 25€ on has changed. On the next day the structure has changed on all stakes on Winamax Expresso games.


The changes affected all multipliers x10 and below:

  • x10 frequency has increased almost three times — from 0.7% to 2%
  • The multipliers x6 and x4 were replaced by x5 and x3
  • total frequency of x2 has decreased by 10%

The changes will not affect the EV calculation in the pool, since the total rake, the frequency and the value of the top 2 multipliers have not changed. The first tournament with a new structure in the HS base — 283061004.

1 — 100€ stakes

250€ stake

All Winamax stakes on the website

Rake on both promotional stakes was reduced by 1% — from 8% to 7%. Changes in the rake mean that the income of the regulars of these stakes will increase by an additional ~ 10BI / 1K tournaments:

For the calculation we have used the average chipEV in the pool, but the size of the “increase” is almost independent of chipEV. You can check the google spreadsheet with the tables, make a copy and change chipEV.

The frequency of the top-jack has decreased from 1: 10M to 1: 20M, the top-jack itself became more — 2M instead of 1M for 5€ and 3M instead of 1M for 25€.

The x4 multiplier will fall by ~ 1.5% more often, and x2 — by ~ 1.5% less.

The first tournament with a new structure in the HS base is 2627377516, the last tournament with the old one is 2627285576.

5€ stake:

25€ stake:

Promo stakes on

Other stakes haven’t changed.

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