Hypertracker beta


In April many players faced problems with the connection to server in Hypertracker. As we couldn’t find the root of the problem, we decided to recode the connection module using a different technology which is modern and flexible.

We’re still testing the new version and a general update is planned for the end of May. But if you have connection problems now, we advice to install Hypertracker beta.

Before you install the new version, logout from your current version (settings tab, right top corner), close the window and delete the folder with Hypertracker.

Set the folders with the hand histories and the tournament summaries. Please take in mind that the new version will start to parse all files in the folders even if they were parsed before. If there are too many files there, it could take a while and your current session may be displayed with a delay. It will be displayed after all old files are parsed.

We recommend to move the files from your main folder to another one or to just wait a while after you launch Hypertracker. It can work in the background.

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