Changes in the pool spreadsheet

Lately the second tab with the players’ results appeared in the pool spreadsheet. There are 3 tabs now:
— Summary
— Players table
— Player table (all)

On summary tab some stats are calculated in two modes: reliable and all. To understand what it is, let’s talk about Hypertracker first.

How Hypertracker works

Hypertracker looks into the folders that you specify in the settings tab. It is looking for files with hand histories and tournament summaries, which are saved to your computer by poker rooms. Hypertracker try to read the files, if it can he shows the results with calculated data, EV and NetWon.

In fact, EV and NetWon are two basic stats which we need to know to make a split. We know EV from hand histories and we know NetWon in 3 places: tournament summaries, hand histories and from audit. Audit is the highest level of verification, before it goes tournament summaries and hand histories is not really reliable source — in some hand histories there is just no information about NetWon.

There are 3 stages of Hypertracker work:
— Reading files
— Calculation stats on your computer
— Sending data to the database (calculated values)

A problem can arise at every stage. When Hypertracker shows no sense data, we must identify at least on what stage the problem has occured. To understand that I must find out all the details. Sometimes it’s enough to have a screenshot or you may need to send the logs, and sometimes i even ask the guys to play with the test version of Hypertracker.

If I do not find out at least at what stage the problem arises, I can’t fix it. That is why messages in Slack channel with an abstract question, what is wrong with tracking may not work, except the situations when it’s a general bug.
I did not count the exact numbers, but according to my internal estimate in 85-90% of cases the problem lies in the settings on the player’s side. There are typical mistakes and situations for which are ready answers and solutions. Please contact support to receive help with settings if you see that your results in Hypertracker differ much from real on a regular base.

Hypertracker shows what you feed him. What i want to say — if there is no files in the folders, there is no calculation. If poker room has changed something in the files — we need to update Hypertracker in order it could read it too. Without help of the players who have faced the problem it could take a really long time to find out how to fix it.
Bugs also happen, but I don’t know about those that would significantly influence the pool swing. Causes such as disconnects, changes in the multipliers structure also influence the results, but again not so much. Well, what’s wrong then? What is current swing? Moving on to my favorite topic, which will finally answer the questions about swing.

scheme of work

Reliable tournaments

For each tournament you play, we get information. We see the poker room, the reservation, the screenname, the stake, NetWon and EVchips.

A reliable tournament is a tournament that has passed all the checks, such tournament is full (have all hands in the hand history), it has calculated EV chips and NetWon. For example, a tournament without one hand in it is not reliable.
Until December 2018, we had the same checks before we consider a tournament as a reliable one. What was different — if we had seen that a tournament is not reliable, we didn’t send it to the database. In fact, on that time we had only reliable tournament in our database and we received all tournaments while the verification. It was not comfortable for the players: it looked like Hypertracker missed the tournaments after he has tracked, because they were not saved to our database and after reboot the players have seen another values.

That was bad for HS team too — it was hard to find the reason of the problem, we couldn’t make proper instructions, because we ourself didn’t know what happened or where we have a bug or a logic mistake.

Then we decided that it was more convenient to get all the tournaments, so we immediately understand where the problem is. For example, if a tournament does not have a multiplier, it means that only the hand history has been tracked along it, and the tournament summary has not been tracked, because the information about the multipliers is only there. We can tell the player what settings to fix then.

At the same time, total buy-ins of the pool grew decently. The difference in swing based on reliable tournaments and on all tournaments turned out to be very big and hard to estimate. If a problem has happened with a high stake player or if it was a system error which has occured to many players, it can influence much on total results. If a player won a big multiplier and it was not tracked it also gives the deviation. The problem was in the top of discussions in the development channel for 3 months. After several attempts to solve the problem, i understood that it was time to leave it for sometime and to come back with fresh eyes and new ideas, maybe with your help and desires.

I’ve managed to see the problem from the other side and i’m almost ready to share it. It will be in the next post.
I know that you are tired of waiting, so now I have already made 3 modes in the pool table. In such a way, i update the spreadsheet in the semi-manual mode, it takes about 10 minutes, so I do not do it often. We have already raised the pool spreadsheet feature on the test site, and we are urgently working to launch the pool report on the website. On Monday i can say the release date. On the website the data will be updated with the same speed as in the calculators.

Summary of the current situation

Values based on reliable tournaments and on all tournaments has unpredictable difference. The calculation for all tournaments gives a much more accurate picture, but even there there are possibilities how to bring the values ​​closer to the fact.

At the same time, in the calculator, the player’s profit after split is calculated based on the reliable tournaments. For the previous months it is ok, since the results have been verified, but in the current period there is no sense in it. The first thing we’re going to do is to upgrade a calculator in order to show data based on all tournaments and on estimated. We also will give a possibility to type any numbers in the pool part like it’s done on the player’s side.

It’s all for to day, thank you for your time. Looking forward to receive any feedback and questions. And next time i will make more pictures, i promise :)

Luda @shvedkin