Changes in pool periods

On the agenda are changes in the pool period system.
I will tell what systems we implemented and why the changes were needed. Let’s look what is good and what is bad in the different options. At the end I will present the chosen solution.

Calendar month

In the first months of operation, the pool was very small and we counted by calendar months.

What is good
It is always obvious when the pool starts and ends.

What is bad
On the beginning of the month many teams require Hand histories. Pokerstars receives many requests and there are delays in sending.

When the pool began to grow, the delays became more noticeable. After the discussions and votes we came to the system with fixed dates.

Fixed start and end dates

The new period always began on the 26th, and ended on the 25th of the following month.

Speed ​​of getting hand histories increased when we had changed the dates.

The pool ended on different days of the week. Despite the fact that the dates were fixed, there was confusion about what was happening on the 26th and what was on the 25th.

Another minus: the pool verification often took place on weekends. The HS team worked to much in a row and this influenced the quality of the closure: because of fatigue, people often made mistakes.

After another round of discussions we’ve changed the system again.

Last Sunday of each month

We began to close the period on the last Sunday of each month so that verification always began on Monday.

The number of errors during closing due to the human factor has decreased.
The fact that the last day of the period was always Sunday created a clear guideline and it turned out to be easier than remembering what happens on specific dates.

Back in December 2018, the system did not have significant drawbacks, except that sometimes due to the public holidays the closure did not take place on the last Sunday of the month, but a week earlier. But what happened next.

In January the system of sending hand histories from Winamax broke. As we believe, mainly it has affected the hands of January-February. Recovery and sending of hands were delayed so much that we only come to 100% verification of January.

The situation was even worse because of the pool periods. In current system it can be more than 30 days in the pool period. It requires 2 requests to Winamax support, cause the function does not allow to order more than for 30 days.
Now the situation is better. Those who joined the pool in April-May, receive hands on average for 3-4 weeks, but sometimes the hands come in a few days, which gives us hope for the restoration of the previous speed. Until this year, Winamax was sending hands during 2-3 days.

By the way, while we still have delays, we need changes.

New solution: periods of 4 weeks

Each period is 4 weeks. It starts on Mondays, ends on Sundays.
The reporting period for Winamax will be one week behind, in order to extend the verification period to 10 days.

We save the system with Sundays, the team will proceed to verification on Monday.
The pool period does not exceed 28 days, which means that Winmax players will do only one request for the reporting period.
We can give funny names for the periods. For example, in honor of players with top upswing.

Floating dates of the beginning and closing of the pool.

To simplify life, made a calendar on the site.

Quick first version to announce changes.

In the calendar you will see the deadline for calculating transactions. On this day, we guarantee to post the transactions.

Information for Winamax players

The next pool period is shorter for you by one week. The period will begin on May 27 and end on June 16. At the same time the split will be simultaneously with Pokerstars.

We change periods, but we don’t separate pools.

After a short period, Winmax will also have periods of 4 weeks, and 10 days to verify the results.